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BL Biopolish Neutral

It is a product for Biopolishing of Cotton Knits and Wovens in Soft Flow and Wash Wheel process. It is used for biopolishing of cellulosic fabric under acidic / neutral conditions. It partially digests excess and protruding yarns, loosening them from the fabric. The resulting fuzz is then easily removed by mechanical agitation of the fabric. This not only creates a smoother fabric with resistance to pilling, but also improves softness, luster and drape.Specific action on protruding fibers only.Improves texture, softness and appearance of fabric. Wide variety of application processes. Eco-friendly Biodegradable. for biopolishing of fabric with minimal backstaining

BL Biopolish Acid

For fading and biopolishing of denim

BL Amylase Cold

for desizing at room temperature

BL Amylase Hot

It is used for desizing of fabric like cotton and its blends that has been sized with starch and starch size mixtures. It hydrolyzes starch into soluble dextrin and oligosaccharides that can be rapidly washed out with fabric. It gives excellent desizing effect yielding softer handle, improved absorbency dye penetration.


Specific action on starch sized material.

No damage to the fiber.

Wide variety of application processes.

Eco-friendly & Biodegradable.

For size removal at higher temperatures