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BL Dextranase Enzyme For Sugar Mills

The use of Dextranase enzyme for sugar mills is the most efficient method for hydrolyzing the dextrans at sugar mills. Dextranase catalyze the endohydrolysis of 1,6-alpha-glucosidic linkages in dextran. Dextranase preferentially cleaves the alpha-1,6 linkages of dextran, releasing shorter isomaltosaccharides. In sugar production, dextrans are undesirable compounds synthesized by contaminant microorganisms from sucrose, increasing the viscosity of the flow and reducing industrial recovery, bringing about significant losses. We provide dextranase enzyme for sugar mills to solve dextran problems in sugar mills. Our offered these enzymes are used for Reduction in higher dextran content of sugar Juice to avoid dextran problems.

BL Amylase Enzyme for Sugar Mills

Amylase is a protein made by your pancreas and by glands in and around your mouth and throat. It helps you break down carbohydrates and starches into sugar. It is used for reduction in starch contents of sugar Juice during processing. Amylases are used in bread making and to break down complex sugars. We provide high temperature alpha amylase enzyme for sugar mills in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

BL Organic defoamer- for foam control during processing

A defoamer or an anti-foaming agent is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids.