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Starch, a high polymeric carbohydrate is a mixture of two polysaccharide, amylose and amylopectin. Starchy substrates like corn starch need to be acted upon by high temperature stable alpha-amylases to produce shorter length dextrins while glucoamylases are used mainly in the production of glucose syrup, high fructose syrups and starch hydrolysis for alcohol production. It is a high temperature stable bacterial amylase preparation derived from Bacillus licheniformis. It has good tolerance to high temperature and can be used in the manufacture of starch sugar (glucose, malt syrup, dextrins, and oligosaccharides) and alcohol, brewery, glutamate, textile, dye printing, paper making Industries.

BL Glucoamylase G

Glucoamylase catalyzes the release of glucose units from the non-reducing ends of soluble dextrins by hydrolyzing both linear (1,4-alpha-D) and branch (1,6-alpha-D) glucosidic linkages.

We are counted amongst the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Sachharification Enzyme (Glucoamylase).

A unique high conversion Glucoamylase offering the following benefits to brewing industry

Great conversion rate from liquefied starch to glucose

Considerably improves raw material utilization

Faster fermentation efficacy

Higher output of alcohol

Lower processing cost

Immobilises Glucose Isomerase