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Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides/Insecticides for Plants

Sr.No. Product Name Effective Contents Advantages
For Growth promotion
1 BL Bio-Fertilizer NPK Enzyme and NPK
Effect for Plant and root growth
2 BL Black Gold Enzymes,Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Auxin and Vitamins An effective Soil enhancer
Plant growth bio stimulant, chelating agent and disease suppressant.
Promote nutrient uptake,
Accelerate seed germination
Increases crop yield
An effective Root Enhancer
Locks water around the root zone.
3 BL Highgrow Naturally occurring Seaweeds Plant growth promoter
Flowering inducer
Shoot enhancer
Fruit enhancer
Increases intensity of flower
Improves fruit shaping
4 BL Sampurna BL Sampurna Effectively nourishes all nutrients to plant and roots
More crop yield
Higher Immunity
Organic pesticides/Insecticides for Plants
5 BL Larvaecide Enzymes and organic pesticides It effectively controls Rice stem borer Leaf borer ,
Sugar cane shot and top borer, Cabbage moths, Tomato,
brinjal, Chilly and other vegetables, fruits, Worms Mango, Lichi, Guava borers.
6 BL Bio-Pesticide Enzyme and organic pesticide Effectively controls all pests occurs on leaf and plant.
7 BL Grub Ban Natural Entemo Pathogenic Nemotode (EPN) Effectively kills root grub
8 BL Bact Cure Enzyme and organic bacteriacide Extremely active against phytopathogenic bacteria and effectively
controls various bacterial diseases of different crop.
9 BL Flywin Organic insecticide Effectively controlling white flies.
100% natural and safe
Enhances the plant internal defense mechanism and increases immunity to fight fom other pest and viral diseases.
It is free from Toxic and solvent residue
10 BLViricure Enzyme and organic insecticide It is very effective to prevent and cure all kind of viral diseases in Plants.
No harms to beneficial organisms, humans and farm animals.
11 BL Fungicure Natural Fungicide Effective for soil borne diseases like root rot, black rot,
Wilt and other fungal infections like leaf spot, Downy mildew,
Early and Late blight.