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Bread Improver For Bakeries in India

Biolaxi Corporation Range of Improvers for baking industries

BL Breadking 50 Plus

From past many years, we are manufacturing and supplying excellent quality Bread Improver that has good raising ability and hence enlarges the bread dimension. This bread improver is provided in different packs as per the needs of customers. Offered bread improver contains dough strengthening agent, fungal alpha amylase, yeast food and approved diluents. We are giving this bread improver at affordable price in a given time frame.


Improves the bread structure

Enhances the fermenting stability

Strengthens dough

Bread Improver for superior quality bread, toast,butter, buns etc.

BL Pav Improver P2 - for soft and puffed Ladi pav

BL Kharie (Puff)Improver-

The composition contains enzymes like fungal alpha Amylase, Xylanase, dough strengthening agent, yeast food and approved diluents. For excellent puffing, golden color and good mouthfeel.

Advantages :-

Strengthens dough, produces fine texture

Uniform color development

Reduces the breaking ability of khari

Good bite with excellent crispiness

BL Cookie Improver

As a recognized name in the firm, we are engaged in offering best and perfect quality collections of Cookie Improver. These are healthy and very tasty in flavors. They are made with best technology and skills. They are best in class. They are available in water proof packaging options. Mainly used for improvement in volume,texture and crispiness

BL Cake Improver

BL Cake Improver is a unique enzymatic product that excels at keeping the freshly baked quality of Industrial cakes. It is a complete tool to keep softness, moistness and texture throughout storage and also enables cakes with higher volume and better shape.

Advantages :-

Keeps the freshly baked quality for softer, moister cakes.

Higher volume, better shape, better crumb, softness.

Easy formulation into flour, improvers and premixes.

for improving airiness and mouthfeel of cake

BL Cake shelf Life Extender

BL Cake shelf life enhancer is a unique formulation that gives good quality and best shelf life extension results to cakes, muffins etc. It is specially designed to serve the needs in ensuring excellent quality products with extended shelf life. The composition contains combination of unique proprietary blend of food ingredient.

Advantages :-

Improves shelf life sponge/poun/eggless cakes

Freshness for long time and no dryness even after long time

It improves mouth feel of the final product, smooth melt down of cake

for increasing the shelf life of the muffins cake

BL Pizza Base Improver

for improving spreadability, crispiness and mouthfeel of pizza base

BL Gluten Booster

for improving strength, moisture absorption of the refined flour (Maida)

BL Emulsifier blend

for extra whiteness and volume of bread

Baking additives:

Wheat Gluten :-

Vital Wheat Gluten is made from the protein found in the endosperm of the wheat berry, containing 75% to 80% protein. When combined with water it becomes highly elastic and has a taffy-like texture. A small amount added to yeast bread recipes improves the texture and elasticity of the dough, helps retain the gas and steam from baking, and gives more volume to the baked bread. It can be especially helpful for baking breads made with whole grain flours and coarse cereals. Vital wheat gluten is often used by commercial bakeries to produce light textured breads, and can easily put the home bread baker on a par with the professionals

Calcium propionate

Calcium propionate (also known as E282) is thecalcium salt of propanoic acid. It is used as a food preservative and is commonly found in commercial bread and other baked goods


Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate is a versatile, FDA approved food additive used to improve the mix tolerance and volume of processed foods. It is one type of a commercially available lactylate. SSL is non-toxic, biodegradable, and typically manufactured using biorenewable feedstocks

Pan Oil

Soya flour

Soya flour is made by grinding roastedsoybeans into a powder. Soya bean flour is considered a health food, and is used in many food products.

Soya lecithin

is a generic term to designate any group of yellow-brownish fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues, which are amphiphilic – they attract both water and fatty substances (and so are both hydrophilic and lipophilic), and are used for smoothing food textures, dissolving powders (emulsifying), homogenizing liquid mixtures, and repelling sticking materials.